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"There has to be more than what we see daily". I don't know when or where I crossed paths with that quote; however since I did, its been a staple to how I view my daily Mental Health. Ever since I was young, being a foster child and living outside the home, in multiple children homes and residential treatment centers. I spent the better part of my youth and up until my young adulthood, adapting to ever changing lifestyles and life, while navigating based on fear and survival. Over the course of time I begin to realize that what was once looked at as a short coming by society was actually a gift. Life gives you different things, some are gifts only to be given back, and my reason is to give kids what I didn't, and Adults what I've found on my journey. An outlet with an outlook from their own eyes; a volume to their voice. I wanted to build something to make a difference in peoples lives, and maybe my families life could have been different. This interest led me to walk many different roads; yet I am committed to the well-being of anyone who believes...There has to be more than what we see daily; Embrace your moments as they come...continue to Weigh Your Hope! So...Just Dream & Love The Journey, Remember Hope is The Last The Ever Lost!

-Devin Coleman-
Founder & C.E.O

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