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Hope is the Last Thing Ever Lost


Balanced Hope is a  New York State 501(c)(3) organization that provides resources, support and information to individuals and families living with mental health challenges. We partner with communities to change the narrative and stigma associated with the complications of mental health.

Balanced Hope encourages & assists with providing outlets for all people needing to build tangible memories, moments for what they truly dream of and dream to be. All of which may affect their Mental Health; quality of life, work and social interactions. Our goal is to help the youth and young adults identify within themselves without them feeling that something is "Wrong" or that they are "Different"; because most are simply misunderstood with a lack of outlets to relate to.

We collaborate with school administration and faculty, social workers, mental health professionals (including psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists) and other community members to achieve our collective goals. We want to CHANGE the narrative that is Mental Health, while building the growth of young minds; those of our peers, friends and family. We believe that everyone is born with a gift; We intend to identify that gift at any age in life. While understanding change is continual but inevitable, inevitably giving a child or adult the belief to hear their own voice.



Balanced Hope is committed to building a sense of HOPE within the areas in which the youth & young adults deserve to see what is available to them, regardless of social status, economic standing or ethnic background.

Giving youth the opportunity to create a belief that regardless of what he or she sees on a daily basis is not all that is accessible to their lives. In addition to the adults that may have had a dream or a life deferred due to a decision or circumstances in the past. Regardless of what their life has shown them; if giving the chance to see another day, you are given the chance to create the change you wish to see in your life.




We at Balanced Hope strive to build a community space in each city that allows the creative youth and young adults a place to have the access to a bridge of networks to further education and innovation. Having a space that's open to the public with a diverse community of staff and individuals, gives our guests and members a sense of acceptance, understanding and hope that there are people willing to listen and help bring their hopes and dreams to life.

Far too often the voice of our hopes and dreams are silenced, not by outside influences but by their own thoughts and feelings. Which causes oneself to process their thoughts and feelings uniquely, The voice that guides our feelings and behaviors, is simply the Voice of You.  Discovering your voice is a crucial step in dealing with stress, feelings, and building a balanced foundation. 

That's why Balanced Hope intends to provide spaces that not only focus on the Mental Health of an individual, but allowing that their internal voice can be heard, and ultimately help build the confidence that comes with believing in themselves and that anything their mind can conceive, they can achieve.  



Live Your Balance

Creative Educational Spaces

Access to an Amazing Networking Community of Innovative Individuals 

Imagine a Different Life



New York City, NY


You Didn't Come This Far To Only Come This Far

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